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Starry starry night as Canary Islands city gets astronomy-friendly smart street lighting

By The Cambodian Journal

Puerto de la Cruz, Spain – People on the Canary Islands will get an even better view of the stars thanks to new astronomy-friendly street lighting from Signify (Euronext: LIGHT), the world leader in lighting. In Puerto de la Cruz, a city on the north coast of Tenerife, the company is installing smart LED street lights that can be dimmed remotely and which use special optics to reduce light spillage that could interfere with nearby observatories.

“The project is an example of how we’re pushing the boundaries of LED lighting technologies. Sky glow caused by light spilling from cities into the night sky is an issue for astronomers the world over. The Milky Way is hidden from more than one-third of humanity, including 60% of Europeans and nearly 80% of North Americans,” said Paul Peeters, Business Leader Professional Lighting in Europe for Signify. “Our street lights are fitted with LED modules with special optical plates that filter out blue light and direct the light to the ground. These energy efficient street lights will also be wirelessly connected to our lighting system and management software so that they may be dimmed or turned up remotely.” By AP

Immigration, illegal aliens in Today’s Society

By The Cambodian Journal

I heard just recently that someone said at a rally the word “alien” was racist. Let’s take a deep look at the word “alien” from the Oxford Dictionary first.

• 1 Belonging to a foreign country.
‘an alien culture’
• 1 A foreigner, especially one who is not a naturalized citizen of the country where he or she is living.
‘an enemy alien’
Middle English: via Old French from Latin alienus ‘belonging to another’, from alius ‘other’.
Now here is from the Merriam Webster Dictionary: Definition of alien
1a : belonging or relating to another person, place, or thing : strange
• an alien environment
b : relating, belonging, or owing allegiance to another country or government : foreign
• alien residents
• First Known Use: 14th century
• Why I have given a definition for the word alien? Because I think it is important to remember this is a word that has been around a long time. I am for all intent purposes an alien here in Cambodia. In order for me to stay for any length of time I had to get an extension on my visa.
• Now people have been coming to the shores of America since the Vikings, then Columbus and so on. Some of my family came over with the first boats in the 1600s, Jamestown and the Mayflower to be exact. Later people came through Ellis Island. They had to be free of illness and went through a lot before they were allowed to just step on mainland America.

White Helmets of Syria

By The Cambodian Journal

( Photo By NPR )


I have been in contact with different members of the White Helmets and women in Ghouta Syria. Thankfully, here is an update. I have left out names for their safety.

In the first eight days of August White Helmet teams in northwest Syria responded to 23 airstrikes and bombings in Idlib. More than 3000 of our volunteers continue to help the influx of people arriving in Idlib and surrounding areas, providing emergency relief, community trainings, first aid, clearing rubble, extinguishing forest fires. This week a team opened a cultural centre in the hope that art and heritage will help heal many a heart after so much loss. 
Last month alone our Idlib teams rescued 970 injured people, including 233 children. Despite the incredible work of our volunteers, I live in constant fear for their safety. I pray that the northwest, with almost 3 million trapped civilians, does not befall the same fate of Aleppo, Ghouta, Daraa. 
Three weeks ago almost 100 White Helmets volunteers escaped the bombs and the threat of detention in Daraa and are now safe in Jordan where they await resettlement to Germany, the United Kingdom, Canada, amongst others. The UNHCR participated in the coordination of the agreement to resettle 422 rescue workers and their family members. 
The evacuated volunteers continued to serve their communities until the last possible moment. However when the Syrian regime took the area, our work became impossible. 
In addition to the intense aerial bombardment of civilian areas, the White Helmets were singled out for specific targeting. Four volunteers were killed and dozens injured due to bombardment of the Syrian regime and its allies. Four White Helmet centres were hit and many rescue vehicles destroyed.
No one could guarantee the safe passage for displaced humanitarian workers to other areas outside of regime control, leaving us to fear detention, intimidation or worse once the regime had control of the area. 
The targeting of the White Helmets by the Syrian regime has been systematic and well documented. Since our formation 251 volunteers have been killed in the line of duty, the majority from ‘double-tap strikes’.
For years we have asked for international community to honour its commitments to end the brutal attacks and allow every Syrian to stay safely in their homes. Today, we repeat this request, as more than 3000 volunteers are working across both southern and northern Syria to serve our people under the bombs.
In the absence of protection, we thank all governments that contributed to the success of this operation to rescue the rescuers, and we ask that they do more to help the hundreds of thousands remaining in southern Syria. We confirm that the White Helmets will continue their mission to serve the Syria people in all possible areas. 
As Syrians who love our country it breaks our hearts to be forced to leave it but it was the only alternative for our trapped volunteers who would otherwise have faced detention or death.  



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